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Conference: Dancing With Myself – Music, Money, and Community After Digitalization

January 19, 2009


The next several weeks three small “indie” conferences are taking place here in Berlin. In the broadest sense they are all about the future of music culture and industry in the digital age: Club Transmediale, Audio Poverty and Dancing With Myself.  All of them have  an amazing live music/dj programme as well. If you are in Berlin, check them out.

The first one was Dancing With Myself at HAU Berlin. The theme weekend with the subtitel “Music, Money, and Community After Digitalization” provided a forum for discussion about a future that has already begun. Far from lamenting falling sales figures, and far from the usual themes dealt with at ordinary industry conferences, the conference tried to to examine the cultural and theoretical implications of the digitalization of music, through a plethora of lectures, discussion panels, concerts, performances and parties, as well as selected films.

I liked the conference concept a lot and was especially interested in the keynote by Jacques Attali a French economist who wrote 1977 the book ” Noise – The Political Economy of Music” (French titel: Bruits). A great book I never heard before with a lot of thoughts that are more prevailling than ever before… written 30 years ago.

Today I was visiting a few panels at the conference and without going in details, I was a little bit dissapointed about the “overall vibe” of most of the discussions. There was a lot of talking about “the state”, “culture policy” and what should happen that maybe everything is good again… how the state can fix all the problems.

I was wondering, why aren´t we thinking more like entrepreneurs…. seeing the chances….not looking back, talking about good old times and thinking about “fixing problems”…. why not  instead behaving like someone who is the first day in the music business, accepting the status quo, seeing the chances of the democratization of music…
Call me naive, but where is the spirit of something like a revolution? The digitalization is not a dearth… the digitalization has so many positive aspects… let´s start using them.
Just a thought.


Medienwoche Berlin 2008

September 3, 2008

Just back from day 3 at the Medienwoche@IFA 2008.

I was lucky to see a bunch of really interesting speeches in the last three days. … Some of them are available as online stream at the Medienwoche website.

What I learnt so far:

– Internet is “the” distribution platform for video content in the future (the opening panel agreed on that – and yes, TV guys where sitting there too)

– Ad supported content is the most important business model, now and in the future.

– There are still people from public TV stations (“öffentlich rechlichen”) that say concerning the internet developement and it’s impact on the television industry, that “We can`t go overboard regarding this problem yet” (funny).

– Demography developement in Germany is a problem for the digital market

– Web TV and Free TV are complementing one another. The cannibalization effects are low. Several examples were presented from different speakers (Pro7, MTV, ZDF).

– We still have big problems getting most of the video and tv archives legally online cause of copyright clearing. Eg. music copyrights: We need something like a collective rights management for music in online video content.

– Barack Obama will be president. John Della Volpe said that. He seemed serious…

– The video experience is changing online (the contextual part of the experience get very important)

– As a TV content distributor, you have to build an audience network – content syndication. Distribute on many platforms but still have the control on advertising, quality and user data.
This means: Advertising flows with the content in future.

– There is a chance that journalism will get it`s impulses for themes and stories more and more from the community (eg. Current TV, Giga TV)

– Mobile can be a very interesting channel for transmedia storytelling

– Social networks are getting to be more and more popular as serious content distribution platforms (not just promotion for content) and they do a lot of successfull experimenting with content producing.

…  there was lots more… I have to check my notes.

Accenture Content Study – IPTV

July 17, 2008

Just read the new Accenture global content study 2008 ” The Challenge of Change: Perspectives of the Future for Content Providers“.

Well, there is nothing surprisingly new… but here are the key findings:

  • About 63 percent of companies are pursuing a multi-platform distribution strategy.
  • More than one-third of companies expect to see significant revenues from social media and user-generated content within three years.
  • About 84 percent of companies expect mobile rich media to become mass market, representing the largest growth opportunity for media and entertainment firms.
  • About 52 percent of those interviewed see digital advertising eclipsing traditional advertising within five years.

More interesting is an older Accenture article about IPTV – “Infinite possibilities” Television? (2006) – I found accidentally at their website. It has some worthwhile reading thoughts about the potential and possibilities of IPTV.

It’s All About A Music Entertainment Experience

May 21, 2008

There is a quite interesting Digital Media Wire interview with Chris Allen (COO Napster): “It’s all about a music entertainment experience and not about a buying experience… “I agree!

Vodpod videos no longer available.  

Music 2.0 Gerd Leonhard

February 24, 2008


Gerd Leonhards new Book is out now. It`s a collection of blog posts and essays of him since 2003.

I flipped through this weekend and found more interesting stuff that I can work with at the moment. Some things you will already know, if you follow Gerd`s work in the last years, but there is a lot of to “rediscover”. A must read!

You can order the book here or get a free pdf version here.


2012 Music Money Goes Digital – Now There Is Movement

February 20, 2008

Forrester Research has a new report with the titel “The End Of The Music Industry As We Know It“. According to this report digitally downloaded music will surpass physical CD sales in 2012.

Here are some free slides (ppt) of the teleconference to the report release.

Perhaps it´s numbers like that, why labels finally are talking now with a lot of people in the digital area about new distribution models … and about more serious conditions…
So for example there a rumours since last week that MySpace is making a deal with the labels to get DRM free ad supported downloads on their site. Omnifone launches a new mobile music subscription service bundled with a handset (similar to Nokia’s model)… not mentioning the Last.Fm thing, the Google China talks… and so on… news coming in weekly… there is movement now…
What about Apple? I am looking forward to here some news from there…

So fact is, in the next months there will develope a lot of new ways to experience music, legal music, and often free or feel like free music. What could happen?
Customers could get confused. Which model is the right one? Where do I get a good deal? What is free what not? What is legal and which services or applications are not? Is there any difference? Do I have to pay for music?

Studies like this (from KRC for Microsoft) show that most of the young users still don`t think they do something like stealing in the net.

So this new developement, this confusion, won`t change this “thinking”. So … Do pay per download models have any chance in the future?
And here we are back at the Forrester Research report. They say subscription services won`t make it till 2012 – Digital downloads will make the race.


Well, I am not sure about that. I don`t know when subscription services finally can handle their problems, but I am sure that “feels like free services” and ad supported models will grow. Why should digital pay per download models grow so fast?

Well… but what do I know…

Last.Fm Offers Full Subscription Service Soon

February 7, 2008

A short update to my post a few days ago:

I just saw it on my account: There will be soon the option to subscribe to an on demand subscription service on Last.Fm. For just 2,50€ per month you will get unlimited on demand access to the complete music library. The price is awesome. We have to wait, how exactly the package will look like, where you can use your songs… but that`s a price that looks good. Problem anyway: Music for your mobile device… not included. So it`s still not the “one stop shop” solution.

Update: Sorry guys, the price up there wasn´t right. I confused the subscription price with the “old” subscription package with just better user rights and features. So there are no infos about the new music on demand subscription price, yet.