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Tim Westergren – The Future of Radio and Digital Music

November 22, 2008

Tim Westergren the founder of the free Internet music provider speaks at the Harvard Berkman Centre about his experiences in the tumultuous world of digital radio.

He has an entrepreneur story to tell: Several months working without salary… 11 debt out credit cards – 3 years later: 18.5 million users, 35.000 new users per day. All without advertising. Now dreaming of one billion users sometime.

He delivered some insights in the analysing process of music at Pandora. Trained musicians are analysing the “Music Genome” of hundreds of tracks everyday. He spoke about the difficult right issues situations… about the monetization concept of the site… delivered some interesting insights into the user behavior (eg. users come back to the site during listening 7 to 10 times per hour)… a lot of interesting stuff in this video:


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November 12, 2008

The Future of Social Interaction in “Real” Space

November 10, 2008

Here is a great presentation at the LIFT Asia Conference by Jan Chipcase, researcher for Nokia Design. He shows some interesting examples how technology influences our social interactions “in real life”, or to be more precise, how it influences our human interaction in space. The speech is just a collection of trends and practices of human behavior and usage of mobile technology that his department spotted all over the world. No solutions, no predictions just some inspiring stuff and some great questions. A rare kind of presentation concept… I enjoyed it… best summarized in Jan’s own closing statement: “I have way more questions than answers… and that`s kind of what we do… I think I call it a day.”