More than One Future?

October 15, 2008

Just back from a two days workshop by Bertelsmann and the Zukunftsinstitut.

For all who don`t know the Zukunftsinstitut (German  for “Future Institute”), it was founded in 1998 by journalist and publicist Matthias Horx. His vision was to create a Think Tank to further develop prognostic techniques, whose resulting knowledge and potential could be used both in the field of business and politics.

The workshop was conducted by Andreas Haderlein from the institute and Matthias Horx. Great two days, I learnt a lot!  The most important thing I took with me from these days was the work on scenario planning methods. Thinking about more than one future, thinking about more than one way for finding a solution of a business problem…

Most of the time we are, often unconsciously –  too focused on one set plan for the future. Maybe sometimes we are also thinking about worst case scenarios, but that`s it. Just black and white.
I will try to be more flexible in my “future thinking”, I will try to have more than only one “just in case” option.
There is not just a future, there are “Futures”.


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