DRM Free – Finally

September 16, 2008

Music provider 7Digital announced today that 100% of it’s 4 million strong catalogue is DRM free MP3 format. After years of talking about DRM issues, now one after another big player gets it… and we are finally there.

Apple is still “waiting” … Mark Mulligan has good comment on that:

“Often what happens when a single company dominates a marketplace it eventually falls foul of complacency and finds itself under multi-directional attack from niche innovators. Apple’s dominance of digital music is comparable to that of Google’s footprint: it continues to augment its dominance through innovation and weak competitive threat. Most other digital music providers have settled for me-too WMA stores. 7Digital hasn’t. The irony of all this though, is that DRM-free shouldn’t even be an issue anymore.”

Now I`m looking forward to the “MySpace Music” start… will it achieve all the expectations? We will see at the end of the week…


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