Digital Reader… Ebook…

September 8, 2008

A few days ago I was nagging… and whining about the fact that there is no ebook device you can really like as much as an iPod or a “real” book…

… and now… I just saw this on WIRED.

Plastic Logic unveiled its digital reader Monday at the DEMO technology convention. The reader, which has yet to be named, will display various types of media such as newspapers, e-books and magazines using the E Ink electronic-display technology seen today in similar devices. What’s more, Plastic Logic’s device is as wide and long as a sheet of Letter-sized paper (8.5-by-11-inches), measures less than 3/10 of an inch thick and weighs less than a pound. The actual display area measures 10.7 diagonal inches.
Plastic Logic’s reader demonstrates a balance between size and convenience. (…) On the front, the device features a touchscreen for turning pages, menu navigation and typing notes with a virtual keyboard.”

Sounds better… looks better… that`s more what Iam talking about…. not this Kindle or Sony thing… can`t wait so see this live… the only point… the format seems to be too big… it`s not yet coloured… but I think they can handle this…

Release date is expected in early 2009.

Here more


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