Ebooks? Why Is There Still No Hardware?

September 4, 2008

Well actually, it`s pretty easy to sit on the couch and ask why there are still not the things you want to have … sorry, anyway…

I just had a very quick look at the IFA this week and saw this Sony Ebook.

I don´t know… but is this a device that someone wants to exchange for a “real book”? Even if it`s a science or business text… there are thousands of buttons on this device… it looks like an old school palm … have they ever seen an Ipod?

If you are reading a lot, and not just at home in your rocking chair or on the beach … cause you have to do a lot of research or whatever… and you are printing tons of pdf pages cause your eyes are sick of starring at the monitor… then you really really would love to have something like a “ebook”. A book where you can mark a text, copy paste, make notes et cetera… small… handy… robust… long battery life… great design… user interface…

But there is no solution yet… or did I miss something?

If someone would develop such an “ipod Ebook” device, it maybe will revolutionize the book industry… a little bit like the music industry…

But what do I know…


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