Medienwoche Berlin 2008

September 3, 2008

Just back from day 3 at the Medienwoche@IFA 2008.

I was lucky to see a bunch of really interesting speeches in the last three days. … Some of them are available as online stream at the Medienwoche website.

What I learnt so far:

– Internet is “the” distribution platform for video content in the future (the opening panel agreed on that – and yes, TV guys where sitting there too)

– Ad supported content is the most important business model, now and in the future.

– There are still people from public TV stations (“öffentlich rechlichen”) that say concerning the internet developement and it’s impact on the television industry, that “We can`t go overboard regarding this problem yet” (funny).

– Demography developement in Germany is a problem for the digital market

– Web TV and Free TV are complementing one another. The cannibalization effects are low. Several examples were presented from different speakers (Pro7, MTV, ZDF).

– We still have big problems getting most of the video and tv archives legally online cause of copyright clearing. Eg. music copyrights: We need something like a collective rights management for music in online video content.

– Barack Obama will be president. John Della Volpe said that. He seemed serious…

– The video experience is changing online (the contextual part of the experience get very important)

– As a TV content distributor, you have to build an audience network – content syndication. Distribute on many platforms but still have the control on advertising, quality and user data.
This means: Advertising flows with the content in future.

– There is a chance that journalism will get it`s impulses for themes and stories more and more from the community (eg. Current TV, Giga TV)

– Mobile can be a very interesting channel for transmedia storytelling

– Social networks are getting to be more and more popular as serious content distribution platforms (not just promotion for content) and they do a lot of successfull experimenting with content producing.

…  there was lots more… I have to check my notes.


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