Streaming and the Cloud

September 1, 2008

Just saw this post at Techcrunch by Steve Gilmore about the golden age of streaming.

When you see the big numbers for streaming the olympic content – 75.5 million streams (, 40 million (BBC), another 130 million from the European Broadcasting Union, and 100 million Chinese viewers – you finally can get the feeling that broadband is spreading and that users are becoming aware of that.

It`s just a matter of time, when people will realize that they also can connect there big screen in their livingroom with the internet…

So, I totally agree with Steve:

“The shift seems to be from ultimate quality to ultimate utility, to fit the data into the time available to consume it. Streaming content is far more efficient than downloading, since you don’t need to cache all the material you don’t get around to seeing. And the growth of social networks means more and more of us will start taking advantage of streaming devices to establish relationships with friends to “share” information outside of the reach of DRM.

Once the underground streaming economy reaches a critical mass, media companies will reach some form of accommodation. Whether it takes the form of advertising supported models or the emergence of viral talent going “direct” to consumers, the end result will be the Net-based delivery of high value content under user control. Comcast’s cap will be seen not as the start of a decline but rather the flowering of the Golden Age of Streaming.”


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