Itunes Finally Goes Subscription? Too late?

August 30, 2008

Well the rumour leaked already last week… for the few that didn`t heard it: The baby is called Itunes unlimited… and according to an anonymous source, the subscription service will feature on-demand songs at 256 kbps and cost $130 per year, or $100 for existing MobileMe subscribers. It will come in fall …

We have been talking about this for years now… and finally it`s coming…

Why am I posting this? … Cause I was thinking again about this Google China music service… that`s where we are heading… The Itunes price point is too high… it doesn`t “feel like it`s free”. I don`t have the data but I think there is a big risk that ITunes will cannibalize their own “a la carte” download revenue, while not getting any new customers… well we will see…


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