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Itunes Finally Goes Subscription? Too late?

August 30, 2008

Well the rumour leaked already last week… for the few that didn`t heard it: The baby is called Itunes unlimited… and according to an anonymous source, the subscription service will feature on-demand songs at 256 kbps and cost $130 per year, or $100 for existing MobileMe subscribers. It will come in fall …

We have been talking about this for years now… and finally it`s coming…

Why am I posting this? … Cause I was thinking again about this Google China music service… that`s where we are heading… The Itunes price point is too high… it doesn`t “feel like it`s free”. I don`t have the data but I think there is a big risk that ITunes will cannibalize their own “a la carte” download revenue, while not getting any new customers… well we will see…


Google Did It In China

August 29, 2008

I would never have believed it, but it finally happened. Google released it`s free legal MP3 music search service. The link only works in china, of course.

A free ad-supported MP3 download service with all the top artists of the country…

When they have nothing left to loose, the labels react. This decision should have an impact on the future business model developement in Europe too… hopefully.

Photosynth Goes Live

August 21, 2008

It will change the way  we experience, search and share photos  … the next level…

and Photosynth is already down cause of high demand…

… so for those who haven`t seen the TED presentation yet… a demo.

The Next 5000 Days

August 15, 2008

… and some laws of media:

“Copies have no value.
Value is in the uncopyable.
Media wants to be liquid.
Network effects rule.”