Still Getting Updated

July 16, 2008

Still sorting my RSS Feeds, emails and other stuff…

If you are off for a few days and want to get updated on all the “techcrunch sites of this world” a great source is the blog by Gerd Leonhard.

Here are just a few cherry-picked out of his tons of posts in the last weeks:

  • First, his presentation at Google London a few days ago: The Future of Media.
    Not all of the charts are self-explanatory without the speech, but  interesting stuff…
    By the way, you can find dozens of videos and presentations of him on his YouTube page.
  • A link to a funny article by Cory Doctorow in the Guardian responding to IFPIs ongoing quest of getting the ISPs to threaten their users with disconnection if they go off the deep end and fileshare anything.
  • His post on the impact of digitalisation on the future of education: “(…) the ‘old’ skills included fast reading and quickly ingesting mountains of data, the essential ‘new’ skills is being the ability to search / find, filter and connect.”
  • A link to Clay Shirkys Video Presentation “Here Comes Everybody”
  • A link to a thought by Vinod Khosla on the future of “a device that used to be a phone”.”Your mobile phone will turn into a mainstream computer. Beyond just e-mail and web access, the phones of the future will have such features as built-in projection screens. High-speed data will make your phone a virtual credit card and ID (even a passport!). Access will open phones up, transforming them into payment systems, personal information filing systems, and much, much more.”Vodpod videos no longer available.
  • A link to an article by Don Reisinger as inspiration for the “Digital Home of 2013”
  • And a great video by Matt Mason on his book “Pirates Dilemma” and the never ending copyright discussion

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