Have You Ever Heard About WiMax? Or LTE?

June 10, 2008

When we talk about the developement of the media industry, we should also consider the advancement of technology in the future. So far… old story. But most of the time we don`t… well I mean … I don`t. I should! Knowing about “predicted”new technologies in about 5 years gives you a clearer horizon what will be possible… how consumer behavior could change…

Example? See mobile & wireless technologies:

Yes, there is the new iPhone 3G out now… but what`s the next-next level?

Have you ever heard about WiMax? It´s a next generation wireless network built by a consortium of telecommunications companies like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Intel, Google, Bright House Networks, Clearwire, Sprint Nextel and some other…

Actually the technology has been already working somewhere out there for years… but infrastructure and technology hasn`t spread yet…. So maybe the technology is still some years away…

It allows you to carry video, voice and data just like WiFi, only much faster. On the high end maybe 6 Mbps, but not “per household” like from a cable provider, instead “per person”.

Such an advanced highspeed wireless network and the devices that use it will actually change our behaviors on a large scale. Big hard drives in your mobile device? Who cares anymore… instead: Unlimited storage accessible via your device! The age of cloud computing for everybody and the age of access is coming soon! Ubiquitous unlimited content access… this will have a huge impact on the media industry…

Anyway, there`s a long way to go … who knows if the mainstream market will ever see “WiMax”… read more about it in an article by Shelly Palmer (Jack Myers Business Report).

But  wireless highspeed network will be here soon!

By the way: LTE (Long Term Evolution) – mentioned in the headline – is a competing technology to WiMax developed by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.


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