Napster Reloaded – DRM Free

May 20, 2008

Napster just launched the largest digital rights management-free music store in the world, with six million songs that can be loaded onto just about any digital audio player.

So here we go… Napster with a two way solution, subscription and pay per download. And on top of that a great digital music brand… maybe this is serious competition for itunes now.

I can imagine that some people will start as Napster customers, by buying DRM-free songs a la carte, and after a while they will realize that a subscription service is very useful…

The brand Napster is quite interesting… up to now, the business model was not on a competitive basis to a mainstream target group, and it wasn`t really possible to capitalize the brand, but now…

If the brand and the shop is able to add more “context”, meaning getting traffic from mags, music portals, blogs, cooperations with media brands et cetera…. then it will provide a competitive product and possibly gain back their “pirate” community”…

Well, we will see…


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