Dynamic Pricing ? ? ?

May 8, 2008

Warner experiments with dynamic pricing for digital albums… Well, is it a big thing in these times? Or maybe a little too late? Dynamic pricing would have been a great idea a few years ago… at the moment we are talking about more exciting pricing strategies like all kinds of bundles… ad supported solutions… “free content”…

I don`t think people pay for digital downloads cause they want to make a “bargain”. Simply why should they pay for a “bargain”? The “real” bargain is called “free”. People pay for the service and the customer experience at a downloadshop… They pay for an album cause they want the songs now and immediately. I don`t think people buy more albums, cause the price of a special album is for a short time a few cents cheaper than “normal”. I don´t think people will give an album “a chance” cause its cheaper at the moment. “Exploring” music happens in new ways these times …  where even “superstars” like Coldplay release their first single for “free” etc… Sorry, dynamic pricing this way feels like a model of the good old “CD world”.

The price range of the shop decides, if I will buy there frequently or not…

Personalized pricing…. what about that???

We will see… Just a thought.


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