What Is Television Anyway?

April 16, 2008

Accenture released a new report: “Television in Transition”. The Accenture Consumer Broadcast Survey 2008 (register for free).

An interesting survey based on 7000 consumers in eight countries. The report doesn`t tells us anything completely new, no big surprises, but it`s important to see that some “dynamics” a lot of people have been writing and thinking about for quite a while are really happening out there now. And so it`s getting more urgent to adress the question: “How do we define Television today?”

The most important findings of the report are:
Consumers globally have an absolute demand for control over their viewing experience: the ability to watch what they want, when they want, via the device they want.

Here some more insights:

– The traditional television set is regarded as just one option among several for consuming video content.

– 3 out of 10 adults in the survey now watch some content every week via alternative devices such as mobile and PC.

– Consumers are seeking greater control over their viewing experience. Three quarters of consumers worldwide are interested in at least one feature of enhanced television, primarily in on-demand services/content and the ability to time-shift viewing.

– The behavioral shift was spearheaded by younger adults – the beginning of an impending wave of change.

– Adults under 25 are unsatisfied with current television options:

– Consumers of all ages share the tendency to be loyal to content brands rather than distribution channels or channel brands.

– Content drives devices: Consumers select each device on the basis of which one will best suit the specific content.

– Paying for content? The most popular choice is by agreeing to view advertisements.

– Cultural differences: One-size-fits all approach to digital services will not work. Pace and nature of the ongoing change in consumer taste, expectations and aspirations varies in different countries worldwide.


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