MySpace – The One Stop Place For Music

April 3, 2008


You probably heard it  already many times today:

The NYTimes had the news first: MySpace will open a music store later this year. It tries to be a one-stop source for all music, in all its various digital incarnations. Three Majors have already signed. You will be able to stream tracks for free,  download songs  DRM free and play songs on mobile devices. A subscription-based music component is also being considered.

So the new site goes in direct competition with similar services like Apple, Amazon and eMusic. And it tries to go one stop further: Additional music products like tickets, T-shirts, ring tones and other music merchandise will also be available. MySpace tries to develope a full 360-degree revenue stream.

Besides the fact that the brand MySpace has high credibilty in the music area,  and that it is a great place to explore music, that it is a place were the “real” artists themselves are a part of the community, is MySpace a central place in the digital communication world of a huge number of users. A big advantage!

On the other hand MySpace still has to work on the user experience and design of their plattform. The customer experience in the iTunes Store will be the “benchmark”.  And they have no recommendation system like Last.Fm.


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