Next Level User Generated Content

March 22, 2008


Now the last exclusive “TV” thing is falling…  the live broadcasting, the LIVE show.

With tools like Flixwagon… you can turn your blog live.

Make your own Live show from your amateur soccer team game or a broadcast from the important last lecture before a test for your roommates or live impressions from the party of the night… you name it…

Flixwagon embed your live show on your blog from your mobile phone in a few steps… The quality is low at the moment, but let`s talk again in a few months…

If you produce this with “high end” tools, that could be a great chance for local journalism….
But what about piracy? Live broadcast from the soccer match? No, not from the stadium, instead just filmed from the paid content tv screen…


2 Responses to “Next Level User Generated Content”

  1. Xen Says:

    Thanks for the coverage 🙂
    As for the fear from piracy, how this is any different than using other technologies to capture and distribute illegal content?

  2. digitalwaveriding Says:

    It`s not different, and I am not a “copyright lawyer guy”, so it shouldn`t be a criticism to your tool. Your tool is great, it`s easy to use… and you are not responsible for what people are doing with your stuff…. But as I said, I am not the “lawyer guy”. I just see the last “TV bastion” “Live Broadcasting” falling…

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