Movie/TV industry Are Facing The Same Questions The Music Industry Did

March 21, 2008


 Mark Mulligan from Jupiter wrote a few days ago:

“Currently the music industry is most strongly associated with fighting online piracy, but the TV and film industries are becoming more important as every day passes: video file sharing is growing strongly in Europe. But it’s not just becoming a big deal for the content owners, it’s impacting ISP networks more than music sharing. In Sweden about a third more Internet users file share music than video, but the traffic from video (according to my back of the envelope calculations) is already at least 50% bigger. This share will grow as HD content becomes more prevalent and adoption grows. So the movie and TV industry are facing the same questions the music industry did back with the rise of the original Napster. What is interesting though, is the difference in approach from many TV broadcasters: alongside enforcement are mainstream free online offerings: iPlayer, Hulu, etc. The TV industry can probably afford for the Internet to act as ‘radio’ for them as advertising is (normally) a basic element of their core business. The Music industry though, already has its radio and is counting on the Internet to shoulder much of the retail role that CD is shunning. In short ad spend alone is not enough for the music industry online. “

I don`t think the internet is something like advertising (like radio) for the TV industry. Everybody who realizes the rising quality  of  online video broadcasting, everybody who experienced the advantages of on demand online content, everybody who connected his tv screen once with his computer is lost for TV in the longterm. The TV industry just tries to establish their brands in the online world … And they are right… A viewer is a viewer … And most important, they don`t loose “paid content” revenues like the record labels do…


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