Where Is My Record Store?

March 8, 2008


I don`t mean my favourite “vinyl” record store here in berlin – it is still there, thank god. I mean a digital “record store”. A record store that gives me the same “great experience” than buying vinyls in a “real world” store. A place that has something like a “aura”, a special place.
A shop owner who has a “character”, and so has his shop.
A place where you can meet friends and other “music fans”, a place where is no bad music in the shelf, where time flies by on a saturday afternoon.

I miss this in all these digital music stores out there. I love Last.Fm, but it feels not like a record store. And iTunes feels a little bit like going in the music department of a shopping mall. Sure, I am talking here about a niche market, and not about the big money and audience… But why is there no “white label digital music store” / that a music geek can adopt, configure to his own record store. In his own design, with his own “context”… No matter if someone wants to launch a punk rock store, a electronic music homebase or anything else… A music geek and a web developer – that`s all you should need to build your own small business. Maybe part time, maybe you are a music journalist and most of your job is already done during your day shop.
Imagine how successful the digital record store of John Peel could have been….

Isn`t the shopping experience also a part of the long tail? Not just listening to my favourite music, but also buying in my favourite shopping experience?

Selling music in a context! Creating something like a “digital record store community”! Great service, great taste. And all in all a great buying experience.

Where is my record store?

(At the moment there are a lot of new “music selling” widgets in the market. But these tools are developed more for artists to sell and promote their music. And these tools are better in promoting music than selling it… See also the discussion on Coolfer here and here. Anyway… the “record store tool” is still missing.)


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