The Digital Music Forum East

March 2, 2008


Last week there was in NYC the Digital Music Forum East Conference with a great speaker line up.

Listening post is blogging a lot about the conference e.g. here, here and here.
Some interesting stuff.

Especially interesting is the keynote interview with Sony/BMG executive Thomas Hesse.

When you read the interview you get a feeling how much the industry is trying and experimenting with new models now. But it looks like a try and error mission.

“We’re pushing that content to phones and other new places. With Justin Timberlake, there are more than 100 assets for an album, which we sell through different channels. It’s, as you can imagine, a Herculean task to deal with these new products.”

There a lot of new channels and projects like this “download cards” mentioned in the interview… to say it nicely… this project is very risky.

Why? Why do they spend so many ressources in this small channels? They are all just transitional solutions in this fast changing digital environment.

Just a thought…


One Response to “The Digital Music Forum East”

  1. Tessaub Says:

    omg.. good work, man

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