Wired Free

March 1, 2008


Most of you probably already read it.

Chris Andersons cover story, a great story. No more comment. If you don`t read it yet – read it!

One sentence in the story at first made me smile…

“Now you can get a t-shirt for less than the price of a cup of coffee, (…)”.

but then I realised Chris mentions here subconscious a way how you can compete with the “age of free”. Is coffee free? Well, the production of a cup of coffee is nearly as “free” as the huge data center of google is “free”… But the price of a cup of coffee can get so high cause of great customer experience, service and a great brand. The same for the example “bottled water”. So people will still pay for products even if there is a free alternative. They pay for added value, but not for the reason of “scarcity”. Kevin Kelly had some thoughts which values that could be (I wrote about it here and here).
Maybe that`s a perspective I missed a bit in the article.


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