February 29, 2008

Sorry for not posting a while, some other projects took my my mind off things…
I found this today on Last.Fm.

Last.Fm is a great music service! They have a great basic concept idea, but more important they improve their site and their concept continually. At the moment they are going step by step the way to a social network, but also the way to a full service music platform. And yesterday they did something right again:


“Today we’re pleased to introduce, a gallery of apps and services that take slices of the experience into tons of cool new directions. We’ve only just started adding to it, but — with your help, of course — we expect it to grow quickly! (In features too; stay tuned for search, RSS feeds, user comments, and more.)

This is just a small piece of our much larger goal for 2008, which will include a re-launch of our developer site, along with new and improved APIs for some of our most important functionality.

We hope you enjoy checking out all the things you can do with a profile. But we’re even more excited to see where you’ll take the music next. ”

Pushing traffic and especially customer loyality through mashups, widgets, and services that leverage data is a great next step, not least for the brand.

With actions like this Last.Fm still stays on the side of the “good guys”. On the side of the open source and gift economy and on the other side of the “commercial”, “DRM”, “user sueing” “cooperations”. It gives the brand authenticity and credibility and on top the tools do great promotion.


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