News Packaging

February 19, 2008


I am not really writing a lot about the “news industry” here yet, and I am sorry for that, definitely have to come to that later…

Jeff Jarvis is thinking about the next steps in the newsroom in his blog posts here and here. There is a lot of analysing of the production of newspapers now…. value chain analyising et cetera….

Just one thought when Jeff is talking about “packaging” of news content in the future:
Will the consumer learn from the music industry?
“I can get my personalized content there… why can`t I get my personalized (online) news content? Why can`t I get the “sports section” from this newspaper and the “business section” from this and this paper?”
Will the consumer demand and behaviour change?

If they do, will the role of the “packager”  completely change in  the next years?

RSS feeds, iGoogle, RSS Reader et cetera are all first steps in this direction… but it will get better.
Why shouldn`t there be something like “Last.Fm” just for news? You will get personalized news, but you still can stay in the “lean backward” mood… You will get all the news not just from one editorial anymore… You will get only news you are interested in…

Just a thought….


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