New Research Data About Video…

February 16, 2008


First, Nielsen released some new interesting Data about DVR usage, showing that DVRs are increasing the amount of television being watched. Viewers are also pushing back the traditional boundaries of “prime-time,” as people record shows and watch them later that same night.
Since 2005, DVRs have helped to a 3 percent increase in TV viewing at 9 p.m. and a 5 percent boost between 11 p.m. and midnight.

When I read the number “2005”…: Why is there still no market for DVR in Germany? Why? The DVR products are great. They have so many advantages for the users. Are we worried about the adbreak?

Second, ComScore, in collaboration with Media Contacts, took a step towards defining “heavy” and “light” online video watchers.

They looked at the time people spent watching online video and found out that there is a huge time gap between heavy users and moderate or light viewers:

Heavy viewers (top 20 percent of viewers): averaged 841 minutes of online viewing per month
Moderate viewers (next 30 percent): averaged 77 minutes per month
Light viewers (bottom 50 percent): watched only 6 minutes per month
In average a viewer watched 203 minutes of video in the best month.
So 80 percent are watching less than half of what the “average” is.

What does this say?
I think this heavy users are no “Geeks” or “Addicts”, that`s just the small number of early adopters who have the perfect infrastructure and “know how” to watch online video and can already use the “whole potential” of online video (perhaps they have already a Livingroom Screen/TV – online connection, broadband, etc.). This figures show the potential, when people get familar with online video “hardware”.
Just a guess…

Jarvis Mak, Media Contacts’ vice president, explained the wide discrepancy between heavy and light viewers during a keynote presentation, noting that a similar gap existed between heavy and light web surfers back in the early days of the Web. (via Newteevee)


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