Germany Online – 2015 Connected

February 6, 2008

The new “Deutschland Online – Getting Connected” study from Prof. Bernd W. Wirtz is released. It reveals the current status and future evolution of broadband Internet in Germany. Get the full paper here.

For me the most important fact:
By 2015 over 80 percent of all German homes will have a broadband internet connection. That`s more than twice as much broadband homes than 2006.


The year 2015 is then definitely the time where a lot of things are not like before in the media industry. The consumer behavior will change …

7 years to go…

Here a short overview of the content in the study:

The introductory chapter presents a concise overview of the main findings. The second chapter focuses on the German broadband Internet market. The third chapter is devoted to the topic of convergence, i.e. the convergence of Internet, communication and media content. The fourth chapter explores the expectations which customers have of the new broadband technologies, while the fifth chapter deals with the latest trends involving the mobile Internet. We are already witnessing the way broadband Internet contains the seeds of a whole new culture – the digital lifestyle, which is the subject of chapter 6. And the seventh chapter puts the spotlight on a new generation of users, the IP generation, focusing on their needs and requirements. With an eye to the main international trends in the sphere of broadband Internet, Chapter 8 examines the global broadband market. And the final chapter closes with a look at the prospects and opportunities offered by this still-young, dynamic technology.


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