DLD 08

February 1, 2008

I just flipped through the videos of the DLD conference 2008 in Munich .
Actually I like the conference, amazing speaker, but of course it’s not on the TED level yet….

I got stuck to the Panel “Exploding Media” with Jeff Jarvis (Blogger, Journalist), Marissa Mayer (Google), Clay Shirky (NYU), Bradley Horowitz (Yahoo!), Peter Hirshberg (Technorati). (See the full video here)

It`s worth to have a look (The video had just 71 views yet). It`s a quite long video but perhaps you skip to Clay Shirkys speech (17:00 min) who made a good point on the next big thing in his opinion: Filling the gap between publishing and action. Get communities organised and get/inspire them to act. He showed some examples what is possible. Perhaps actually a very important point for artists: What can happen, when you get your fans perfectly organised?

Peter Hirshberg (34:40) showed a short focus group video, that shows in a short and very simple way the generation under 25 and their relationship to different media channels. Of course that`s not representative … but that`s exactly what I`ve in mind thinking of this new generation. Their shift in consumer behavior is not taken serious enough by most media companies.

Bradley Horowitz (30:00 min) mentioned their efforts at Flickr to write algorithms around “interestingness” of the posted content to get a “stronger” implicit measure. Just the rating of users are not good enough. “Connect people to what matters personally to them”. Yes, that`s what media companies will have to do best in the future.

And I like the suggestion of Jeff Jarvis (47:00 min), to stop blameing Google and ask yourself from time to time the question: “What would google do?”


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