Last.Fm makes the deal!

January 29, 2008


Sorry, i was out skiing for a few days and missed nearly a really big thing.

Last Fm  signed a big deal with the majors (see WIRED blog). Now you can play songs in full length three times for free “outside of your customized internet radio station”. all majors are in.

that`s great! that’s huge.

For me was already the paradise. You get “your kind of music” customized for free . The perfect radio! Perfect when you are in the “lean back” mode. But then there were some of these moments you want to hear a special song, a special artist- when you are in the “lean forward” mode – well, then it was time to change to itunes. The problem was – a new song, a song you got recommended often isn`t there in your library yet … – Now you even don’t have to change to itunes… you can stay at

Well, the library isn`t complete either yet, but they are working on that.

The ultimative jukebox. We are one step closer to it.

Commenting on this new deal Gerd Leonhard had a nice thought about making a new business model running in these times.

“if you want to succeed in next-gen music ventures, do this:

a) just use the labels’ music in any way that you see fit (provided that is in some sort of way legally defensible, at least in some instances, sometimes, somewhere)

b) build your audience based on that attractive ‘free music’ availability (remember… that’s the idea behind radio!) and make the best of any and all those gray-zone licenses.

c) get a huge company to either buy or back you, and

d) THEN do a deal to get the rights to use the music in the way that you wanted to, to begin with. “

He is right. That’s the way you will get it running.
Why? Cause most of the copright holders would like to stay in “good old world”. They don`t want to take any risks. They don`t want to accept that content – their content – in the information age is “nearly” a public good now.
So it seems it’s impossible to build a revolutionizing business model with a “legal” deal from the beginning. The conditions would be insane.
So… you have to develop in the “grey zone”.


2 Responses to “Last.Fm makes the deal!”

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