EMI Talks

January 17, 2008


There is a lot of talking about the EMI going on … for example here, or here … not mentioning the rumours about the “artist protests“… anyway…

I’ve no clue what is exactly going on there at EMI, and I can`t judge the new “global strategy” of EMI…
but this mentioned goal

“maximize the value of our A&R talent and deepen relationships with our artists.”

should be prioritized. And as they will know, value is not just in recorded material.

But I am not sure, if you can deepen your relationships, when you are downsizing your company. Doing artist management, doing intensive content exploitation on all media channels, searching for new marketing opportunities et cetera …. sounds like a need for investment…

Just focusing on a cost structure that`s fit to the new digital market environment, and still focusing on recorded music… is missing a chance.

But what do I know…


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