p2p Traffic Dominates the Net – Who profits?

December 14, 2007


iPogue, a German internet traffic management company, published a study where they tracked the internet traffic in August and September 2007 in 5 regions of the world.

The study showed that still P2P uses by far most of the internet traffic. The total share eaten by P2P ranges from 49 per cent in the Middle East to 84 per cent in Eastern Europe. At nighttime, p2p traffic jumps as high as 95 per cent of total bandwidth used. See the figures for Germany in the graphic.

Impressive numbers that show first, you can`t stop filesharing ever,  and second, somebody makes a lot of money with filesharing.

In all this P2P and copyright disussions, we always talk about the copyright holders, artists, labels, and the users, consumers, fans… But we nearly never talk about the guys who really make the money in the new game.
It`s not just the  consumers, and it`s not the edonkey, gnutella or bit torrent portals… it`s the ISPs.

If you see the share of traffic, it`s not difficult to guess why the users love to subscribe for a new DSL 6000 connection. Please don`t get me wrong, I don`t want to blame anybody! The ISP market is big money market, and most of the money is made cause of the content that is out there. So if anybody starts a “fairness” discussion, and I don`t want to say that there should be one, but when we talk about copyright, why don`t talk with/about the ISPs.

Just a thought.


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