Nokia tries it. Nokia comes with music.

December 5, 2007


Golem reports from the Nokia World 2007 in Amsterdam that Nokia will sell mobile phones in a bundle with a subscription service: Buy a phone and get unlimited access to millions of songs for one year free. Unfortunately there are no information to the pricing yet.

Anyway that sounds very interesting and can be a big benchmark for the market.

In my eyes definitely the right step. When Nokia wants to win against the ipod, they have to try to make it “useless”.
But of course the price for this service will be the biggest challenge …

Let`s wait for more informations.


3 Responses to “Nokia tries it. Nokia comes with music.”

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  2. […] site. Omnifone launches a new mobile music subscription service bundled with a handset (similar to Nokia’s model)… not mentioning the Last.Fm thing, the Google China talks… and so on… news […]

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