You never want to fight the crazy guy with nothing to loose

December 1, 2007


Noah Brier (he is not the guy up there) wrote in his post about the current situation in the blogosphere… and mentioned a great simple thought why big media companies have a problem to fight in this new digital age… against these “filesharer”, blogger, prosumers et cetera…

…cause they have  to fight against the crazy guy, the guy with nothing to loose.

I like this thought, but I`m not sure, if the solution as mentioned in Noahs post simply can be:
Give them something to loose!

To say it in Noahs words:

“When there’s money on the table all of a sudden those tendencies towards feistiness disintegrate as they do their best not to offend the person putting food on their table. I guess ultimately what I’m saying is once you start paying people they start to look an awful lot like those old media publishers you mentioned, with “agendas, egos and cash”.”

This “something”, whatever it is, perhaps money, perhaps attention, is probably something that belonged in the old age to the media companies. They will miss this. They will need it.
They can “buy” some important bloggers… and start up companies et cetera… but never ever all of them.
There will be new ones… They will just make the evolution slower, but they won’t be able stop them.

The media companies have to think in bigger issues….
Well perhaps it`s this good old saying:
“If you can`t beat them, you have to join them.”

Think like them, do it like them, help them… be them.
But what do I know…


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