Radiohead did it

November 7, 2007


They are heroes of mine for a long time, so maybe I’m prejudiced… anyway…

It was written a lot about there move to release the new album just on their own website per download or per mailorder as special CD/DVD luxury version.

Radiohead took a high risk, abandon a lot of fix money (in comparsion to artists who had done this before Radiohead are still on the heyday of their career) – EMI would pay a lot of money for such a release…

Now there are the first sales figures according to DigitalMediaWire:

38% of consumers paid an average of $6 to download Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” album during October, while 62% of global downloaders chose to pay nothing, according to a report from comScore

There different opinions out there, if this is a success or not… I would say: Yes!

6$ is definitely a realistic price for a album download, and that 38% paid (don`t forget the fact, that when you pay, you even have more hazzle downloading the tracks cause of the payment process) is a great percentage! On top the mailorder revenues and don`t forget the indirect revenues cause of the image benefit through ticket sales or merchandising.(It’s the right way to talk to your fans, the people who value your music. It gives the band a high credibility.)

And best of all: All revenues go directly to the band.

…and they still have the option to get back to the EMI afterwards.

It is the right time for such a experiment and Radiohead clearly has a better target group to do such a stunt than for example Britney Spears.

Well done, boys.

Besides: The new album is great! Can`t wait to see them live!


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