IPTV has to grow in Germany

September 24, 2007

Goldmedia released a new study titelt “IPTV 2012“. It prognosed more than 2.5 million IPTV customers in Germany 2012 and a revenue growth of the German IPTV market from 12.6 million Euros 2007 to 420 million Euros in 2012. If you compare the German market, 100.000 IPTV user 2007, to the French, there are 2007 already 2 million IPTV customers, we are still sleeping. I don’t know if it’s just the better broadband structure in France…
As I wrote before, the service provider have to start marketing the new distribution channel. Most of the people have no idea what IPTV means, how it works, what the advantages are. There is a life after YouTube 1.0!
Anyway IPTV can get a very important content distribution channel. Video content on demand, interactive TV, personalised advertising…. all we ever dreamed of.


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