New Music Download Figures in Germany

September 20, 2007


Bitkom released on the occasion of the German music fair Popkomm in Berlin new figures for the digital music market in Germany. The revenue for music downloads in Germany will rise 2007 to 60 million Euros, that’s a increase of 25 percent to last year.
At first glance the figures sound very positive and the press release sounds very optimistic too, but on the second glance they don`t. We are talking here about just 3,5 percent of the german music market.
The predicted growth on the digital music market equals just 0,7 percent of the total market. For comparison the music market in Germany declined last year 2,4 percent!

The growthrate for music downloads last year was 33 per cent, the year before 140 percent. Internet infrastructure is getting better and better, people are “living the net” now, people are hearing more music than ever and the music market is slowing down!

The market growth for digital music is too slow! The current business model is definitely not working yet! Sorry for being the killjoy.


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