IBM Study Says: TV is loosing

September 16, 2007

Found today an IBM Consumer Survey that shows decline of TV as the primary media.

Well perhaps all things you have heard before, and some studies (made by TV networks) will deny that, and show other results…
It’s clearly a question of definition.

Saul Berman, IBM Media & Entertainment Strategy and Change practice leader, said, “The Internet is becoming consumers’ primary entertainment source. The TV is increasingly taking a back seat to the cell phone and the personal computer among consumers age 18 to 34.

The global IBM survey shows the TV and the Internet are on equal footing as entertainment sources. 66 percent reported viewing from 1 to 4 hours of TV per day, vs. 60 percent who reported the same levels of personal Internet usage. Consumers are increasingly turning to online destinations like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, games, or mobile entertainment vs. traditional television.

See the results of the study here.

IBM also published a video of an informal streetinterview sample, which found surprisingly similar results to the official survey.


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