Vodafone tries it now, seriously.

September 11, 2007


For christmas Vodafone together with Omnifone launches in UK a new music subscription service called MusicStation. It offers unlimited downloads, file and playlist “sharing” with no additional data charges to the subscriber – all for £1.99 a week.
All major and the biggest independent labels are in with 1 Mio songs at the beginning.
It has a build in recommendation engine (something like last.fm) and the MusicStation’s technology also ensures that the memory allocated on the phone is always used to store the customer’s favourite and about-to-be-played music. This means that users can listen to their favourite tracks when in Flight Safe mode.
That sounds good. With the “right” handset (on the iPhone level) this can be a realistic business model.
We will see what people will report about the usabillity, design and performance of the system and userinterface after christmas.
But it can work. Perhaps not immediately, cause of the price and handset standards (can I use my mobile with every device? home audio system, car audio system …), but it can.
Big advantage for vodafone compared to iTunes, Napster or Rhapsody when they want to go online is the easy billing system and the already consumer learned subscription model at mobile services.


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