Why I’m Doing This?

August 23, 2007


If anybody is wondering why Iam doing this (investing time in someting like a blog), I just want to cite this wonderful post from Russell Davis (an incredible talented advertising planner – former working for Wieden+Kennedy. – If you are doing anything like brand management or advertising, like me in my other life, I just can highly recommend to read his blog.)

“But the great thing about a blog, or at least this one, for me, is that it’s a great place to keep all the smaller, lower interest, everyday bits of your life and your thinking. I’m not posting my most important work here, or my deepest feelings. I’m posting the unconsidered trifles that occur to everyone everyday, that might turn into something, but which’ll probably just blow away. And the great thing with the blog is that they just sit here until they come in handy. Or don’t. And they’re all searchable.
That’s how I use it anyway. It’s like a personal corporate archive, a searchable depository of little thoughts, quotes, images and ideas.
And it’s more than that, it’s also a way of building value via accretion (how do you like that jargon?) by which I mean this:
Blogs are a tremendous way of starting things. Any little idea you have, you can start it off, in a very low effort, low key way. And maybe you’ll never come back to it, but maybe you will and maybe you’ll extend it and then maybe a year later, or whenever, you’ll actually have achieved quite a lot. Without really meaning to.”

“But anyway, welcome to my personal institutional memory. Enjoy your visit.”


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