Win for the ISPs: They Don’t Have to Hand Over User Details

August 3, 2007

Often forgotten in the copyright/piracy discussions: Who profits most from the P2P networks and copyright misusement out there? The user? I don’t think so. The ISPs make probably the most profit.
Why? Well, why are the people paying so much money per month for an DSL connection or faster?
Just to see the movie trailer? Or to look on google maps?
So downloading content from p2p networks for the user is not really “free”. But who get`s this money? Well not the same people that made the “value”.
When you see the percentage of internet traffic caused of p2p traffic than you get a clue how much money there is in the game.
These p2p networks make an DSL connection so much more “sexy” for an user.
So ….

Heise reports that a court in Offenburg (Germany) refused to order ISPs to identify subscribers when asked to by music industry groups who suspected specified accounts were being used for copyright-infringing file-sharing.


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