Sick of Users

July 29, 2007


Sometimes words matter. I like the post of Josh Bernoff where he is wondering, why people are still talking about users in digital context. And I agree. Often the focus is to much on the technology and not customer centric enough and that starts perhaps at the wording, in the mind of the media people.
Here some good points from his post, why we should change our wording:

“Web users become people looking for information.
Application users become employees trying to get stuff done.
And most importantly, social media users become people connecting with other people. Once you think about it that way it becomes a lot easier to understand. And it focuses you on the relationships, which will always be around, not the technologies, which are always changing.
I will think of people who use technology as people, customers, and friends. I won’t use them, and they won’t use me.”


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