Current TV

July 26, 2007


Do you know Current TV?
Great concept! Of course its for a nich audience but its the first serious attempt to mash “Television + YouTube”.

Here a short part from a FastCompany article about Current TV:

“(…) There are a many notable efforts, and some are succeeding. As I wrote in the July issue, the Current TV network has incorporated a consumer generated element into their baseline business model. In their version, the network functions largely as a production community, encouraging their viewers to create a range of things, from short non-fiction documentaries or pods on any topic, to traditional commercials. The documentary format is the basis of their programming – and about 30% of what is seen on air is created by viewers. Would-be pod makers upload their work to the website, where the community coaches, comments and votes. Current also give their viewers the chance to create promo spots for the network, as well as VCAMs, or Viewer Created Ad Messages. But because they’ve woven this element into their very production fabric, it’s less about contest hype, and more about business as usual. It makes for some compelling programming, but also inspires a vibe that the network is actually… wait for it… by and for the people.
The voting mechanism is particularly interesting. The more that registered members participate – upload video, post comments, green- or redlight various pods or ads – the more their votes count. That prevents newbies from getting all their online friends from greenlighting their submissions into submission, and also encourages a greater ownership of the site and the content it generates. And advertisers and filmmakers alike both enjoy it. (…)”


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