The Prophet of Media Convergence

June 21, 2007

“Media convergence” is for a a lot of people one of the many (negative) “buzz” words in the new media age. Wrongly in my point of view, cause a lot of people just misunderstand the meaning… anyway….

Ithiel de Sola Pool wrote 1983 in his book “Technologies of Freedom” about the concept of convergence:

“A process called the “convergence of modes” is blurring the lines between media, even between point to point communications, such as the post, telephone and telegraph, and mass communications, such as the press, radio and television. A single physical means – be it wires, cables or airwaves – may carry services that in the past were provided in separate ways.”

Wow, 1983! He seems to be the “prophet” of the media convergence concept.


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