Google’s YouTube New Content Protection Program

June 18, 2007

There is a lot of talking about the new content protection program from Google at the moment.

Marc Cuban describes the program like this “(…) it appears that the system is built upon content owners giving Google a copy of their content , which is then “registered” in their copy protection system. When a file is uploaded by a Youtube and hopefully a Google Video user, Google will then compare the file and its contents to a database of content previously made available to Google. If it finds a match, Im guessing that it will reject the upload, or at least, first attempt to get a confirmation from the copyright owner involved.”

Good idea so far, but not everybody will like to store all his content at Google. Marc Cuban is criticizing this very hard, and he has some more good points here.

In my opinion there is besides another problem: This system will just solve the problem on the Google/YouTube platform, but all the many “metoo” video platforms are still “free”…
If Iam an content owner, I can`t sent my content to every video plattform in the web….. something like that has to be centralized…. I know, in the net to centralize is nearly impossible…. and makes most of the time no sense…
but why can´t there be something like a neutral  content “patent office”? This office is financed by firms that want to have a copyright check system and by all the people who want there copyrights to be controlled.

Well, of course it wouldn’t solve all copyright problems (P2P networks will stay anyway), but companies like YouTube that try, or have to try to be clean cause of legal matters would have a chance to do so…


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