“Sicko” leaked?

June 16, 2007


Just read via DMW that the new Michale Moore documentary “Sicko” leaked to the torrent p2p world. Official release is on June 29.
I don’t know what’s Michael Moores boss in this project Harvey Weinstein is thinking about this, but  in my opinion a very clever move.
First Michael Moore had some problems with the U.S. government releasing some parts of the film as Reuters reported… well, that’s done then…
…and second he get’s a lot of promotion about this leaking fact…
Michael Moore has a very healthy attiude to filesharing. He is quoted: “I don’t agree with copyright laws and I don’t have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it with people as long as they’re not trying to make a profit off my labour.”
Well some guys like the owner of Pirate Bay will earn some bucks, but anyway, clever Michael Moore, clever.

AdAge disagrees obviously  and writes “every movie marketers worst nightmare becomes grim reality for Weinstein Co.”. I think it’s not a usual hollywood movie, it’s a documentary, it has to work with word of mouth, it has to be good anyway or the brand “Michale Moore” has a big problem, much bigger than a bad role or movie for an actor in an action movie. When the film is good Michael Moore will make money now, or later, but he will. The film has to be credible, the communication for the movie has to be authentic… this “leaking move” definetely was.


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