Apple WWDC 2007 Keynote

June 12, 2007


Steve show today, again. Everbody writes and talks about it… not only the apple geeks like a few years ago.
His keynote events are going bigger and bigger… he gets more and more attention… the rockstar picture he is often compared to… it makes sense.

For me (ok, leopard seems to be great) the most important thing in the speech:
He goes to the Games.
After music, after videos/movies, after TV, after mobile phones now he goes to games. That makes sense!
The cooperation with EA seems not so big or important at first sight, and there were always games on the mac, but  you got  them on the small “games market” of OS X months after the releases of the consoles or pc.

Now there are simultaneously releases of the major products of EA also on OS X.
A small first step, in one of the biggest entertainment markets of the future… we will see what happens next…

Apple the media platform! Convergence, Steve obviously believes in it.


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