CDs and the Store.

June 8, 2007


Interesting posts at and The Huffington Post about the “analog” world. The CD store is for many people much more than just a “shop”. But clearly not for enough.
“Your” record store will die before the CD dies. That’s for sure.
The point of Tony Sachs that with new distribution ways for the CD, like the Starbucks way, that “there can be a bit of life left in the shiny round disc” is maybe right, but not in the longterm, not in the “big volumes”.
The CD will stay, as the vinyl record do. Sure.
But what happens to the stores?
The record shops (and I don´t talk about the wal marts, best buys and media markets) have in a “new way” perhaps a chance. It`s the buying experience, the service experience that can bring the people to buy the “merchandising product” CD or even a vinyl record.
The Starbucks / Paul McCartney thing is the “fast food” way of this concept.
Why can´t be there this little café around the corner, with all this great albums (put your favourite genre here), nice people, wonderful drinks, cafè and food. Nearly every good café or bar has something like a “concept”. And for every concept there is also “music genre”. So here we are.
Wouldn´t it be great to take something home from this wonderful afternoon in the cafè?
This old vinyl record from the sixties?


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