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Music Artists and Industry Goes Sport….

June 28, 2007

A few years ago musicians with big sponsoring deals were banned, the word: “The Sell Out”.
Now its nearly as common as in the sport business even in the indie scene. The times are over as The White Stripes were praised as heros to refuse a million dollar deal with GAP.
That´s a logical consequence to the impact of the digitalisation on the music industry. In my opinion it´s the most important revenue model for the future.
The problem for the “old music world”: Again, this revenues possibly pass the major record labels.
And more and more consumer products go one step further an even try to break new artists.
Coolfer shows the latest examples.


Mobile TV

June 26, 2007

I was falling over this post at  and was reading numbers like
“(…) average viewing time per session is 3.1 minutes in Holland, 2.8 minutes in Switzerland, 3.2 minutes in the UK. The total monthly viewing time is 23 minutes in Germany and 28 minutes in the UK (…)”
Don´t know if they are right, but anyway: 23 minutes per month… besides the fact that nobody has really the equipment (or money) to use the service yet… compare that to the time you are using your phone for talking, or messaging… imagine this market…
Sorry for my enthusiasm, didn`t think about it really yet.

iTune Becomes the Number Three Overall in Music.

June 24, 2007


The market research firm NPD Group published new numbers:
During the first quarter, Wal-Mart claimed 15.8% of total music sales, followed by Best Buy (13.8%), the iTunes Store (9.8%) and (6.7%).
Digital music downloads accounted for 13.8% of all purchases, while physical CDs made up the remaining 86.2%.

If the iTunes Store is making profit is not reported. Rumours said a time ago that every downloaded song at iTunes is still “subsidized” from Apple.

80% of U.S. Young Males Watch Online Videos Weekly

June 23, 2007

Here we go: 35% of young males (ages 18-24) in the US are already doing it daily.
According to this report from market research firm Frank N. Magid Associates, news stories are the most popular form of online video, followed by a category that included jokes/bloopers, weather and movie previews and by user-generated videos on YouTube and similar sites.
I will try to find new numbers for Germany.
We should watch the development of this numbers. There should happen a lot in the next months and years.

The Prophet of Media Convergence

June 21, 2007

“Media convergence” is for a a lot of people one of the many (negative) “buzz” words in the new media age. Wrongly in my point of view, cause a lot of people just misunderstand the meaning… anyway….

Ithiel de Sola Pool wrote 1983 in his book “Technologies of Freedom” about the concept of convergence:

“A process called the “convergence of modes” is blurring the lines between media, even between point to point communications, such as the post, telephone and telegraph, and mass communications, such as the press, radio and television. A single physical means – be it wires, cables or airwaves – may carry services that in the past were provided in separate ways.”

Wow, 1983! He seems to be the “prophet” of the media convergence concept.

Google’s YouTube New Content Protection Program

June 18, 2007

There is a lot of talking about the new content protection program from Google at the moment.

Marc Cuban describes the program like this “(…) it appears that the system is built upon content owners giving Google a copy of their content , which is then “registered” in their copy protection system. When a file is uploaded by a Youtube and hopefully a Google Video user, Google will then compare the file and its contents to a database of content previously made available to Google. If it finds a match, Im guessing that it will reject the upload, or at least, first attempt to get a confirmation from the copyright owner involved.”

Good idea so far, but not everybody will like to store all his content at Google. Marc Cuban is criticizing this very hard, and he has some more good points here.

In my opinion there is besides another problem: This system will just solve the problem on the Google/YouTube platform, but all the many “metoo” video platforms are still “free”…
If Iam an content owner, I can`t sent my content to every video plattform in the web….. something like that has to be centralized…. I know, in the net to centralize is nearly impossible…. and makes most of the time no sense…
but why can´t there be something like a neutral  content “patent office”? This office is financed by firms that want to have a copyright check system and by all the people who want there copyrights to be controlled.

Well, of course it wouldn’t solve all copyright problems (P2P networks will stay anyway), but companies like YouTube that try, or have to try to be clean cause of legal matters would have a chance to do so…

“Sicko” leaked?

June 16, 2007


Just read via DMW that the new Michale Moore documentary “Sicko” leaked to the torrent p2p world. Official release is on June 29.
I don’t know what’s Michael Moores boss in this project Harvey Weinstein is thinking about this, but  in my opinion a very clever move.
First Michael Moore had some problems with the U.S. government releasing some parts of the film as Reuters reported… well, that’s done then…
…and second he get’s a lot of promotion about this leaking fact…
Michael Moore has a very healthy attiude to filesharing. He is quoted: “I don’t agree with copyright laws and I don’t have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it with people as long as they’re not trying to make a profit off my labour.”
Well some guys like the owner of Pirate Bay will earn some bucks, but anyway, clever Michael Moore, clever.

AdAge disagrees obviously  and writes “every movie marketers worst nightmare becomes grim reality for Weinstein Co.”. I think it’s not a usual hollywood movie, it’s a documentary, it has to work with word of mouth, it has to be good anyway or the brand “Michale Moore” has a big problem, much bigger than a bad role or movie for an actor in an action movie. When the film is good Michael Moore will make money now, or later, but he will. The film has to be credible, the communication for the movie has to be authentic… this “leaking move” definetely was.

Universal and My Diploma Thesis – Universal Music Buys Sanctuary

June 16, 2007


A nice move from Universal! Buying Sanctuary they get the fast possibility to diversify their revenues and to participate on the whole music value chain. The Sanctuary Group implies, besides recording and publishing, some succesful artist management, live booking and merchandising firms, which are all on growth markets within the industry. Actually the Sanctuary Group was my recommended business modell – case study – in my diploma thesis for a future music company. But they didn’t make it on their own, they were to small.

Ad Supported Music

June 14, 2007

There are more and more new “experiments” with ad-supported music, and so free legal music. Here is a new one, a “serious” ad supported music label… (via digitalmediawire)
Let’s watch what will happen with this “attemps”.
I think there is still a long way to go to get from all sides, the artists, the consumers, the adindustry, the acceptance and credibility for this models, but i think it’s just a matter of time. Nobody questions the authenticity of an athlete or a sport event cause it has a multimillion dollar deal. For the “mainstream music” this transformation is already done.

The Music Industry: No Longer a One Trick Pony

June 14, 2007

Yes. that`s right, and I wrote about it in my diploma thesis years ago. Now Fast Company has today a short article about this “new” strategies in the music industry… the Wallstreet Journal writes about it…
Well… the music industry is doing it now, and should have done it already 3 years ago.