What is IPTV?

May 23, 2007

What is IPTV? Well, I should know, but who knows too?
I can´t see any good and clear cooperation out there in the market between service and content providers. There´s no communication and marketing out there, at least here in Germany. Why should people change, if nobody knows that a new product is there? If nobody knows any advantages of IPTV?

A lot of people know about Skype, but TV? YouTube? Oh perhaps some guys heard about this Joost. Yes, but that`s it.

The Register is writing about a survey done by Juniper Networks, an IPTV equipment supplier:

(…) “The results also show that while many people already watch video over the web, with the Italians and French being especially enthusiastic consumers, most of it is news and user-generated content.
“That’s not the most demanding, in quality terms,” Gainham said (Juniper’s service provider marketing director for Europe), adding that sports was the least popular for web viewing, presumably because it requires higher quality and is real-time.
The survey revealed that consumer scepticism over the security and reliability of broadband is a big problem for would-be IPTV suppliers, as are fears over the cost and complexity of the extra equipment needed to receive IPTV.
It also shows that the service providers have shot themselves in the foot by creating a market where the main consumer choice factors are simply bandwidth and cost, not quality or video content.” (…)


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