When Do People Watch Online Video ?

May 18, 2007

Mark Cuban and Comscore analysis the viewing habits of online video users.
About 50pct of all online video viewing during weekdays happens from 7am to 5 pm.
During some part of the prime time TV hours during the week just 12 pct watch video on the internet. On the weekends, that falls to 6pct.

I am sure this behavior will change soon, when there is some convergence between TV and “online”.  At the moment video online is no alternative to TV for most of the people. The cannibalization seems low. In the US the big networks are streaming full TV shows. And that makes perfect sense. Most people watch them at work or at home during the weekday. That has minimal impact on their viewership and so on ad sales.

In the short time view this could be an new “releasing” window for the content industry:

Mark Cuban: “I think some smart videohosting company is going to create a licensing agreement that allows the content owner not only to share revenues, but to determine what time videos can or can not be watched. Some smart advertising sales force is going to price their advertising around video based on the day part as well.”


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