Digital NARM Discusses DRM

May 17, 2007

Another post on digital audio insider from the Digital NARM.
DRM or not DRM. Still big discussions between the majors.
I don´t understand the arguments of the three majors that still hold on DRM.
To stop DRM means not give up your copyrights or to give your music for free to everyone. EMI or ITunes don´t want that either.
DRM just makes no sense. (See also my old post here)
It`s simply the “smart cow principle”. You need just one smart cow to open the “gatter” and all cows are free. The same for DRM. One guy hacks the code, and the song is free in the internet. And it doesn`t really matter if there is at the beginning just one song (DRM), or five thousand (no DRM). That´s just a questions of hours or days and the penetration in the community is high enough. If you release the DRM thing the piracy will not increase strongly, but the product quality will increase for all the people who pay for music. The only place where these DRM thing perhaps makes sense (and you can discuss this controvers) is for the music online shops like iTunes to lock the customers in special hardware systems.
So funny enough that Steve Jobs is the guy who says first “no to DRM”.

I don´t know if I’m missing here anything… Do I?


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