The First Color E-Paper

May 15, 2007


Golem reports that  LG.Philips  developed the world’s first 14.1-inch flexible color E-paper display, equivalent in size to an A4 sheet of paper.
The E-paper uses electronic ink from E-Ink Corp. to produce a maximum of 4,096 colors. It can be viewed from a full 180 degrees, so that images always appear crisp, even when the display is bent.
These displays are extremely energy efficient, only using power when the image changes. Additionally the displays are extremely thin, less than 300 micrometers(㎛). The images displayed are comparable in quality to printed pages.

Wow! Even if it will take years to develop it for the mass market, that’s the next generation of mobile devices.

I’m looking forward to the moment, first time reading news in the train this way.


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